Galleria Sonora

Galleria Sonora is a place of exchange and interaction, where artists from all over the world meet and collaborate. Founded by Pejman Tadayon in 2018, it was created to encourage the dialogue between cultures and to combine the two main passions of the Persian artist: music and painting.

Located in the San Giovanni district of Rome (via Trebula, 5), the Galleria Sonora is both an event locationand an exhibition space that, in addition to the permanent exhibition of sound paintings by Pejman Tadayon, hosts concerts, readings, workshops and seminars. The program includes: concerts of Oriental music, folk tradition and Mediterranean music; concerts of world music, jazz and auteur music; courses in music theory and oriental philosophy; courses in oriental singing and instruments (oud, saz, daf, ney).

In this space have performed artists such as Nando Citarella, Stefano Saletti, Raffaela Siniscalchi, Gabriele Cohen, Gabriella Aiello, Barbara Eramo, Imran Kahn, Ustad Daud Khan and Nabil Bey, voice and author of Radiodervish.

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