Lessons and workshop

In order to promote oriental culture in Italy and bring people closer to the sounds and rhythms of Arab-Persian music, Pejman Tadayon regularly holds lessons and workshops.

The lessons are aimed at:

  • professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and technical skills in the field of oriental music and dance;
  • people who wish to begin the study of singing or traditional Persian instruments;
  • people who wish to improve their knowledge of Arabic-Persian music, oriental philosophy and Sufi spiritual dance.


Lessons with Pejman Tadayon at Galleria Sonora (via Trebula, 5 – Rome):

  • music theory and oriental philosophy;
  • oriental singing and instruments (oud, saz, daf, ney);
  • ensemble music workshops

For more information and to book a lesson, please send an email to: corsi@pejmantadayon.com



For those who wish to approach the practical knowledge of the basic elements of Sufi music and ritual dance, occasionally and on request, M° Tadayon holds dance and percussion workshops of Sufi culture. During the sessions participants can learn some rhythms performed with traditional drums (DAF), improve their knowledge of traditional musical instruments, learn some Sufi songs and pieces of Islamic sacred music. At the same time, the meetings explore the primary technique of Sufi spiritual dance performed by the whirling Dervishes.

The workshops can also be included in reviews, events and festivals. For information on the availability of dates and the possibility to organize the workshop at a specific location, please send an email to: workshop@pejmantadayon.com



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