Rumi e San Francesco

Rumi e San Francesco (Ph. Giulia Barella)

Two figures in the history of the world have taken unparalleled mystical momentum to the extreme and have changed the spiritual life of their peoples forever: Rumi and San Francesco. Through the poetry of the two mystics, who lived at the turn of the thirteenth century, it is possible to understand the mysterious analogies that lead to the essence of their fervor, while music, as an inspiring element, feeds on a universal language that brings geographically distant traditions closer, but only apparently irreconcilable.

Expert of traditional Persian music and scholar of medieval repertoires, Pejman Tadayon composed and chose the pieces that give life to the show, using ancient instruments of Sufi culture and medieval instruments, such as the viella and flutes. During the show, the original texts of San Francesco and the lyrics of Jalaluddin Rumi – translated from Persian to Italian – are interpreted so as to highlight the intertwining, affinities and common origin of the respective inspiration. To seal this evocative combination of music and poetry, original choreographies and suggestive Sufi dance moments are performed in particular moments of the show.

The project intends, through the parallelism between two of the most distinguished spiritual personalities of the western and middle eastern world, to renew a universal message of peace and harmony, to encourage once again the exchange between cultures and promote the comparison between religions.

The 2015 and 2019 editions of the project Rumi e San Francesco were attended were attended, respectively, by actors Valerio Aprea and Pamela Villoresi, director of Teatro Stabile Biondo in Palermo.

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