Via della Seta

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Via della Seta

The project proposes an imaginary journey along the ancient silk road (via della seta), the set of commercial routes that for more than two thousand years has symbolically united the East and the West. Once there were no borders, but shades, colors and customs that characterized the different geographical areas and the various peoples. The tireless work of travelers, merchants and pilgrims allowed the various cultures to come into contact with each other. People compared and exchanged experiences, playing together, telling the customs of their country and the traditions of their land.

Passing through India, Persia and Mesopotamia, this sound path reaches North Africa, to end in Italy. Under the guidance of the Iranian musician Pejman Tadayon, an ensemble made up of Persian, Indian, North African and Italian musicians, he proposes sacred music and traditional songs from his country of origin, each with instruments typical of his own culture.


Pejman Tadayon: oud, voice, saz, ney

Sanjay Kansa Banik: tabla

Luigi Polsini: bass viol, kamanche

Renato Vecchio: duduk, wind instruments

Simone Pulvano: dumbek, darabuka, riq, daf

Pejman Tadayon

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